WIHSC 20th Anniversary Celebrations

The Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care is 20 years old this year, having moved to the then University of Glamorgan in 1995. So much has changed since then, and yet so much remains the same – an Ebola outbreak in Africa, bankers implicated in financial misappropriation, and a Conservative Prime Minister in Number 10 Downing Street. But WIHSC pre-dates the National Assembly for Wales, mobile phones and most people’s use of email, and the 1.6 billion people that have been added to the world’s population in the last 20 years.

WIHSC has marked the occassion in three ways which are highlighed below.

The WIHSC 20th Anniversary Conference

Your life might just depend on it – a conference held on the 26th November.

The WIHSC 20th Anniversary Graphic

WIHSC’s graphic facilitator, Marina McDonald, has produced an image which conceptualises in visual form the contribution of WIHSC over the last 20 years. It draws on major projects and areas of expertise, such as with citizens juries and service evaluation, as well recognising WIHSC’s important role within the University, in debates across the statutory and third sector in Wales and the UK. And as much as any of that, we recommend it to you because it is a beautiful thing to look at.

20 Blogs for 20 Years

We’ll also be publishing a series of blogs to commemorate our birthday. We have approached 20 people to write short but insightful blogs on aspects of current interest to thoughtful observers of health and social care in Wales. These 20 blogs for 20 years will provide us with the opportunity to be Janus-faced about the last two decades and simultaneously horizon scan for the next. These 20:20 blogs should help us achieve excellent insights (and possible perfect foresight and aftersight!) on the issues in health and social care from back to front.

20 Blogs for 20 Years