Challenges ahead

We’re interested in the big challenges facing health, social care and wellbeing, particularly in Wales:

  • Making the best of hard times: pushing for change and better use of resources – getting services to respond to individuals, keeping people at home where possible, closer working between health and social care, and changing the way staff work to make better use of scarce skills and experience.
  • Partnerships with service users and communities: cooperative community development and social enterprise, building social capital, co-production – treating service users as partners, and helping citizens and communities to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.
  • Getting people on side, getting on side with people: communicating and engaging well with staff, stakeholders and the public – new thinking about governance, to create better links between public services, the third sector and the communities they serve. Engaging better with staff and recognising their contribution and responsibility in planning and delivering high quality health and social care.
  • Handling the demographic time bombs: healthy growing up, healthy for work, healthy in retirement – new conceptions of public service for older and more demanding communities.
  • Making best practice routine – understanding what good service looks like, and being intolerant of anything less. Identifying the best, wherever it can be found, and removing the barriers to adoption.
  • Pushing in the right direction: outcomes as the measure of what we aim for, inputs/outputs as the way to get them – outcome driven performance management, diversity in service delivery, clarity on essential inputs and outputs, underpinned by transparent and accepted ways of prioritisation.
  • Affirming the ‘Welsh Way’ in health and social care – being clear and confident about the Welsh philosophy of health and social care provision, what it should mean in practice, and how it can meet the huge challenges of financial pressure, organisational inertia and population diversity