Recent areas of work

More information on our work can be found in the “projects section”: (clickable link to projects)

Evaluations of…

  • A wide range of national and local policies and services, ranging from services for different client groups, to leadership and management development programmes, to innovative self care initiatives, and much in-between – notably including the Welsh Health Inequalities Fund
  • Issues ranging the use of medicines to preserve good health, to the local provision of stroke services through Citizens Juries dating from 1997

Support for…

  • A wide range of local initiatives to engage citizens and services users in service evaluation and policy development, especially around the co-production of services for those with chronic conditions
  • Partnerships and joint working between the statutory and third sectors, across public sector bodies, and for professional regulatory bodies
  • The inquiry on inpatient care by Older People’s Commissioner for Wales
  • Boards Development in the Welsh health organisations
  • Implementation of the Older People’s Strategy

Reviews of…

  • Issues around delayed transfers of care
  • National Welsh policies on the protection of vulnerable adults
  • The Expert Patients Programme
  • Substance misuse services

Analysis of…

  • Key priorities for social services in Wales, from Directors’ annual reports
  • Methods used to raise public awareness of health and social care policy issues
  • Service user and carer engagement in Welsh social services
  • The influence on commissioning of the Local Involvement Network (LINk) in Birmingham