What we can do to help Section

Identifying the issues…

  • Qualitative research, using multiple methods and rigorous analysis
  • Evaluation, ranging from individual projects to major policy
  • Policy analysis and review, using national and international comparators
  • Citizens Juries and a wide range of other deliberative, evidence-based approaches
  • Appreciative Inquiry, learning from success as much as difficulty
  • Graphic Facilitation (clickable link to graphic facilitation page)- using the power of working visually in a variety of ways to provoke and develop discussion and to summarise key areas (clickable link to graphic facilitation page)
  • Horizon scanning and future proofing policy and practice

Providing solutions…

  • Public engagement, ranging from 1:1 interviews to community engagement
  • Service user and carer co-production, creating new ways of achieving partnership
  • Strategy development, applying rigour and objectivity to familiar problems
  • Facilitation of groups and teams, using our system knowledge and critical friendship
  • Organisational Development to help groups define and plan better outcomes
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Creating space for learning and reflection