Scoping Study on Continuing Healthcare Published

April 5, 2017

WIHSC has recently completed an important study for the Welsh Government which was commissioned to build knowledge about the experiences of people with who go through CHC, and to make contributions to inform future policy development. WIHSC worked with two health boards to scope different issues around CHC and in total spoke with 37 people, observed two MDT meetings and a central QA panel. The sample of respondents included patients and their families, carers, advocates, nurse assessors, social workers, MDT members and chairs, and CHC managers.

The study was designed to identify areas for further consideration, to help prioritise action on CHC. There were five substantive conclusions:

1. Accepting the principle of shared financial responsibility across health and social care seems key to achieving change, as the 'money’ is acting as a barrier in CHC assessments
2. There is a need to think through and potentially address the disconnect between the current CHC process and the aspirations and spirit of Prudent Healthcare and the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act
3. To find out much more about how much we spend on CHC, and how much it costs to staff and resource the process across Wales
4. There is a need to do more to explain to people and staff the implications of the process in document formats that everyone would find accessible
5. To undertake further research to test and generalise the findings from this scoping study

The study was led by WIHSC’s Deputy Director, Dr Mark Llewellyn and for more information about the study, please contact Mark –

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