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Scoping Study on Continuing Healthcare Published

April 5, 2017

WIHSC has recently completed an important study for the Welsh Government which was commissioned to build knowledge about the experiences of people with who go through CHC, and to make contributions to inform future policy development. WIHSC worked with two health boards to scope different issues around CHC and in total spoke with 37 people, observed two MDT meetings and a central QA panel. The sample of respondents included patients and their families, carers, advocates, nurse assessors, social workers, MDT members and chairs, and CHC managers.

WIHSC Deputy Director advises on DRILL

November 30, 2015

WIHSC’s Deputy Director, Dr Mark Llewellyn, has been appointed as advisor to DRILL. Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning (DRILL) is an innovative research programme which will gather evidence on the social barriers to independent living and learning faced by disabled people. Research findings will be used to develop pilot projects and inform policy development and practice to bring about real improvements to the lives of disabled people.

The Big Lottery awarded £5 million funding over 5 years to a partnership of national disability organisations including Disability Wales, Disability Action Northern Ireland, Inclusion Scotland and Disability Rights UK.

A unique feature of the project is that disabled people will contribute to identifying the research priorities and lead the programme in partnership with academics. Most disability research is led by academics, who may involve people with lived experience of impairments or chronic health conditions, but still retain control of the research process. DRILL has turned this on its head and is the world’s first major research programme led by the priorities of disabled people, working co-productively with academics and policy and practice leaders.

A call for research proposals will be issued early next year, and a series of roadshows are currently taking place across Wales.

Mid Wales Health Study Report Published

October 23, 2014

The Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care has published its Mid Wales Healthcare Study. Click here for more information and to download the full report.

In addition, the Supplement on surgery within Bronglais Hospital is available.

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