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Working for a shared common purpose - experiences of health and social care integration in Wales

May 16, 2018

Published today is a WIHSC report looking at the way in which the integration of health and social care is impacting on the workforce. Public services trade union, UNISON, commissioned the report to better understand the nature of integration to date, and the ways in which integration can be accelerated in Wales.

The report provides insights from three practical examples of health and social care integration – the WIHSC team researched the experience of integration in Monmouthshire, Bridgend and Anglesey, interviewing front-line workers and strategic leaders.

The report identifies the following as enabling excellence in integrated care:

• Care should be focused on the needs of the individual
• Care providers must show strong and clear leadership and involve care staff, empowering them to take decisions in the best interests of those receiving care. Care workers should be provided with ongoing support and training.
• Care workers’ trade union representatives have an important role in the planning of caring
• Integrated care should not necessarily be seen as a ‘cost saver’ but as a ‘service improver’ which leads to effective individual care
• Acceptance achieving integrated working is mandatory not optional

Community Cardiology services in Wales - key reports published by WIHSC

April 18, 2018

Twelve months ago, WIHSC was commissioned by the British Heart Foundation to evaluate how the community cardiology funding from the Welsh Government has been utilised and explore whether the proposed new services and pathways have been realised. WIHSC today publishes the two key documents from the study: the All-Wales Community Cardiology Impact Evaluation Framework and the Formative Evaluation Report

New WIHSC Director appointed

January 29, 2018

Following the retirement of Professor Marcus Longley from the post, Mark Llewellyn has been appointed as the new Director of WIHSC.

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