Mark Llewellyn, Deputy Director

Mark Llewellyn Mark is a senior project manager and researcher at the Institute. Over the past ten years, he has undertaken more than fifty specialist research studies and evaluative reviews and gained considerable experience of managing and delivering complex and sensitive reports specifically in health and social care, and across the public sector in England and Wales. He has developed an expertise in applied research methodologies and his work is focused on providing evidence-based conclusions, recommendations and strategies for public sector clients.

Mark graduated from University of Wales Swansea with both BA and PhD, and was a Lecturer there for two years. He worked for four years as Head of Qualitative Research at a social research company, before joining WIHSC in April 2008. His work has ranged across statutory consultations on hospital reconfiguration to the role that patients, service users and the general public have in influencing the commissioning and planning of social care and health services. He has authored numerous reports which have directly impacted upon policy decisions within the public sector, and has published academic papers in journals relevant to the fields of social care, planning and health.
Most recently Mark has been leading work on care at home in Wales. This has included a comprehensive study of the care at home workforce, research into voluntary sector services which are supporting independence at home – whether personal care or tenancy support – and analysis of data supplied to the Older People’s Commission for Wales on the quality of care that older people receive.