Tony Beddow, Visiting Professor

Tony Beddow Tony Beddow joined the National Health Service Management Training Scheme in 1969 having completed an external London Economics degree at Bournemouth College. He completed the Diploma of the Institute of Health Service Management in 1975. He held a variety of management posts in the NHS in England before coming to Wales in 1982 as Planning Officer for West Glamorgan HA.

In this role he was responsible for a major capital programme including the redevelopment of Singleton and Morriston Hospitals, and the Authority’s service planning and IT functions. He worked closely with colleagues in Local Government to take forward the All Wales Mental Handicap Strategy and other joint planning initiatives. He became the Chief Executive of West Glamorgan HA in 1991 and moved to Morriston NHS Trust in 1996. Tony also served on the Welsh Health Planning Forum.

He joined WIHSC in December 1997 to concentrate upon health and social care policy with particular reference to the changing roles of General Hospitals, the role of strategic planning and performance management, and the impact of devolution upon NHS Wales. He has studied health care systems in New Zealand, Russia and USA and has done work in Saudi Arabia and Georgia.

Tony retired in 2007 and was subsequently appointed Visiting Professor.