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Question 3: To what extent and in what ways are the principles leading to the desired results?

In the final phase of our work, we wanted to what difference the Act and its underlying principles had made for people supported by services and their unpaid carers and families.

Expectations and Experiences of people supported by services and their unpaid carers

Published in 2022, our report on the Expectations and Experiences of people living in Wales who receive care and support or who are carers found that those who depend on social services should be able to expect support when and where it is needed, and not have to fight to be heard. Nearly 200 participants took part in this phase of the study, and although some of the findings were positive – a number of respondents said they felt more noticed by professionals since the Act, and had a better relationship with their social worker – the report did find a number of issues that need addressing:

  • Some responses highlighted individuals’ feelings of not being listened to, with them reporting they had to chase and fight for support, and often felt they were ignored unless they were facing a crisis. 
  • The report also highlighted individuals’ concerns about not being included in discussions and decisions about their support, being unsure about their rights under the Act, and difficulties receiving support in the Welsh language. 
  • Overall, people felt that their experiences under the Act had not met their expectations of what they hoped it would do. 

The Act’s principles in focus – supporting evidence reports

In addition, and published alongside and in support of the Final Report, the team have produced a series of additional reports which provide a focus on the individual principles underpinning the Act. We have also produced an analysis of the financial and economic implications of the implementation of the Act. They allow for a close examination as to the enablers and barriers that have been experienced in working towards the goals and aspirations of the Act: