Community Cardiology services in Wales - key reports published by WIHSC

Twelve months ago, WIHSC was commissioned by the British Heart Foundation to evaluate how the community cardiology funding from the Welsh Government has been utilised and explore whether the proposed new services and pathways have been realised. WIHSC today publishes the two key documents from the study: the All-Wales Community Cardiology Impact Evaluation Framework and the Formative Evaluation Report

The Impact Evaluation Framework was designed to support the Heart Conditions Implementation Group (HCIG) and the health boards as they progress with the shift towards more cardiology services being undertaken in the community so that they are well-equipped and informed to plan and conduct an impact evaluation of their services and monitor patient outcomes themselves.

The Formative Evaluation report identifies the success factors in setting up and implementing community cardiac interventions to improve outcomes and provides a set of key recommendations to facilitate the spread, adoption and implementation of these best practice principles across Wales supported through HCIG.

The WIHSC team were supported throughout the study by Dr Rhid Dowdle and Professor Jonathan Richards. For more information about the work, please contact WIHSC Director, Professor Mark Llewellyn:

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