Falling between the cracks?

Working in partnership with Arad Research, WIHSC publishes a report.

Adroddiad which was commissioned by SSCE Cymru to explore the experiences of Service families with children who have Special Educational Needs/Additional Learning Needs (SEN/ALN).

Due to a lack of research and information available in Wales it was determined that a study was needed to better understand the challenges families and schools are facing, particularly in light of the current changes underway to SEN/ALN education in Wales via the Welsh Government’s Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Act 2018.

The project had three principal areas of inquiry – to:

  1. Review and compile data on the number of Service children with SEN/ALN in Wales;
  2. Research the experiences of families and stakeholders in respect of supporting Service children with SEN/ALN; and
  3. Identify the implications of the research in practice, in the context of the Welsh ALN Act.