New Visiting Professors and Fellows to support WIHSC

WIHSC is delighted to announce that four Visiting appointments have been made by the Faculty of Life Sciences and Education to support the Institute in its work. WIHSC’s strategic intent is to be a key player in the development and implementation of evidence-based health and care services across the statutory, voluntary and independent sector and in order to consolidate and improve this position Professor Mark Llewellyn has brought together an expert reference group of senior colleagues to provide advice and guidance, and to act as ambassadors for WIHSC and USW. The overall purpose of these visiting roles is to allow WIHSC and the Faculty of Life Sciences and Education to maximise its impact on leaders and policy makers within the health and social care field.

Two Visiting Professors and two Visiting Fellow have been appointed as below.

Tony Garthwaite – Visiting Professor

Tony is an experienced senior manager who spent over 10 years at Director level in local government in both a service department (social services and housing) and a central corporate role. He has a proven track record of leading and managing major public services with proven experience in transformational change management, workforce issues and organisational development. Since retiring from full-time employment, Tony has undertaken a number of important projects affecting public services and social care in particular. He has been working with WIHSC over the last 10 years and has undertaken extensive research into the theory and practice of collaboration and recently completed his doctorate from the University of South Wales for his thesis on inter-agency collaboration in Wales. Tony has recently been actively engaged in major projects to support stronger inter-agency partnerships, the integration of health and social care services, and the implementation of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014. He has been recognised for his expertise in collaborative organisational working and the field of public scrutiny.

Malcolm Prowle – Visiting Professor 

Malcolm is professor of performance management at the Universities of Nottingham Trent and Gloucestershire. An acknowledged expert on the economics, finance and management of public services, he has had extensive experience in health, education and local government as an employee, an academic researcher and as a management consultant with KPMG and PWC. He has worked at the highest levels of government (UK and overseas) and has advised Ministers, Ambassadors, senior civil servants, public service managers and service professionals on a variety of public policy and implementation issues. He has had several long periods of secondment to the UK Department of Health and has been a consultant to WHO, UNHCR, UNPA, DFID and the World Bank. He was financial adviser to the House of Commons Health Select Committee and an expert witness to the House of Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee. He was also an advisor to two former UK Shadow Secretaries of State for Health. He has over 80 publications to his name including eight books and many research reports and academic papers.

Heulwen Blackmore – Visiting Fellow

Heulwen is a former career Welsh Government civil servant with an extensive expertise in health and social care policy and implementation, equality and human rights. She is experienced in working across government, from being the Welsh lead on the Health Act 1999 to becoming a leading figure on the Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014. Heulwen worked directly with Ministers and senior politicians throughout this process. She has recently begun to operate on a freelance basis, working at a national, regional and local level in provision of advice and support to the third sector, health boards and local authorities with regards to policy, implementation and practice. She has been working with WIHSC in this regard to date.

Jeremy Felvus – Visiting Fellow

Jeremy has had a long-term connection with USW, being WIHSC’s first Associate in 1993. Jeremy has worked for over 20 years in the public sector, mostly in health, in roles that ranged from hospital management to strategic planning for NHS Wales. This gave him a deep insight into how the public sector works and the challenges faced by managers at all levels. In addition, Jeremy spent 19 years in the private sector across the UK and Europe in roles that directly related to healthcare. This experience provided Jeremy with a broader perspective on service provision giving invaluable insights into how different sectors can work together. Jeremy also has experience in the academic sector, both as a lecturer and an external examiner. More recently, he has worked in partnership with academia in research and development projects for the pharmaceutical industry. He is currently an HPL for USW.