First output from major evaluation study launched

The Framework for Change report– a document explaining the connections underpinning the Social Services and the Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014 – is launched today. Led by Professor Fiona Verity, this is the first output from the IMPACT study, evaluating the implementation and outcomes of the Act.

The Act is an ambitious systemic framework to enable transformational policy change, organisational and system level change, and change in the practical delivery of care and support. The Framework for Change – a story about how the duties, principles and ideals, mechanisms and practices laid out in the Act – is published by the research team as a guide to how the legislation envisages that well-being outcomes will be fulfilled.

Professor Mark Llewellyn, WIHSC Director and lead for the study said: “We are pleased to be publishing this important document which gives people a sense of the underpinning architecture of the Act. Fiona has put together a clear ‘road map’ for how the Act sets out to achieve its goals, and this will be crucial for us in informing the fieldwork phases to come.”

The document is available in a variety of formats, including as audio and video from here.