With 2020 Vision: lessons for health, care and well-being

Over the coming months, and leading up to WIHSC’s 25th ‘birthday’ in November 2020, we will be producing a series of short papers that reflect on the current circumstances that we are facing, and what this might mean for the future of health, care and well-being. Our hope is that in reflecting on these extraordinary times we will learn lessons on the key policy questions ahead of the National Assembly elections in Wales in May 2021. These will cover social care and health care, the role of the voluntary sector and the implications of the likely economic situation for the well-being of citizens, service users, patients and unpaid carers.

Ahead of those contributions, Tony Garthwaite, Visiting Professor at WIHSC, has written a thoughtful reflection on where we are now, and how we should begin to question what is happening around us.