WIHSC 25th anniversary

WIHSC 25th logo 5.jpg

WIHSC is 25 years old this autumn. To celebrate our silver anniversary, we have been posting a number of different things this week, and across the coming months from thoughts about the current COVID-19 affected health and social care landscape to reflections on the last quarter century of our existence. Our newsletter brings all of this together. 

WIHSC is part of the School of Care Sciences in the Faculty of Life Sciences and Education. Head of School, Dr Ian Mathieson offered his view on WIHSC’s past and present: “It is wonderful to see WIHSC reach its 25th anniversary. Its activities, which focus on the integration of health and social care and working with the people of Wales to improve services, have never been more relevant. 

"Given that WIHSC has championed these issues throughout its life, and their resonance with the University of South Wales and its keen sense of place and civic responsibility, it is gratifying to see the current renewed emphasis on these areas that will surely see WIHSC continue to thrive. WIHSC enriches the culture and community of the School of Care Sciences in which it is situated, and of the wider University. We are delighted to restate our commitment to WIHSC, and to working with Professor Llewellyn and the team on its ever-closer integration with the School and Faculty.  In addition to celebrating its achievements over the past quarter-century, we look forward to the next 25 years.”