‘Change of mindset’ needed to put clinical services at the forefront of community pharmacy work in Wales


A review published by WIHSC today identifies that community pharmacies are well placed to deliver a range of extended clinical services in Wales, but a ‘change of mindset’ may be needed to bring this about. The review was commissioned by the Welsh Government to analyse dispensing volumes in community pharmacies across Wales. The overall purpose of the study was to consider whether it is feasible to reduce prescription volume in primary care in Wales through practical changes to prescribing and dispensing arrangements; and whether such changes would release significant amounts of pharmacist time to provide direct care in the form of clinical services. The study drew on a range of stakeholder viewpoints, data and the published literature to build an evidence base around dispensing volumes within community pharmacy. It concludes that a shift in emphasis is needed in order to put clinical services work first within the majority of community pharmacies. At the moment, the mantra tends to be that the clinical services fit around the dispensing activity. The report provides useful evidence on how change could be made so that dispensing activity could more easily fit around the provision of clinical services, and what might be needed to move in that direction. The report was submitted to Welsh Government in March 2021 but due to COVID priority work and the required engagement with external stakeholders, the publication of the report and subsequentWelsh Government responsehas been delayed until January 2022.